What did the club give to its participants?

Purpose of the club

To unite 100 000 young businessmen from all over the world in order to:

– help them to change themselves

– enhance business

– to make your country better

– to change the world


If you are an entrepreneur, then you probably had already encountered the lack of quality personnel on the market.
Once, a club member was looking for an employee for his company. After days of searching he realized how much time people actually waste looking for good workers via various classifieds services. So that is how the idea of creating an HR agency came along.
At the beginning, there were a lot of people who wanted to work together with him, but as time passed, only a few remained: Denis Fedorkin, Roman Romashchenko and Sergei Pontus. After a few months of hard work, the agency http://www.complexstaff.com came in sight. Now the company has 30 loyal customers, 150 selected employees in just 1 year of work.


Our society is used to the fact that business is better run by men. But the fair members of our club can confirm the opposite.
For example, the owner of the children's camp Young Winners, Persona Olga. Young Winners is more than just a children's camp. This is the school of a modern teenager success. Olga pays much attention to details in the organization of the children's recreation program, and also creates unique master classes. And just before the spring camp change, the camp team came up with the idea to make a master class on decorating T-shirts. It was urgent to make 50 patches with the emblem of the camp in just two days. No factory has agreed to make such a small batch, and small ateliers did not keep up to date. Olga turned to the club member Aliona Helissen and she willingly helped. Within 2 days children fantasized over T-shirts, and Olga found a reliable partner.


Most people who have never had a business think that entrepreneurs start earning hundreds of thousands from the very start and can afford a lot.
This is not true. Often, entrepreneurs sacrifice personal interests for the benefit of the company's development: they do not get money from turnover for months, they save in every way and do not sleep enough.
The owner of the company ``Derzhavin Bureau`` Denis Derzhavin was one of the first members of the Young Business Club. His company was developing rapidly and there was no possibility to withdraw money from circulation to pay a membership fee. Oleg Markelov decided to help the team-mate and make a contribution for him in exchange for helping to open a coffee shop. Oleg knew that Denis had the experience of opening more than 200 hairdressing salons, about 100 coffee shops and many other projects. Such a person can be trusted.

Who already joined the club?

Formats of meetings at YBC


The procedure for getting membership in the club

Criteria of the club

Make sure that you meet the criteria of the club:

  • You are a business owner with an annual profit of 60,000 pounds.
  • You are under 40 (for London)
  • Your values: honesty and openness!
  • One year in buisness

Meeting with the president of the club

You meet with the president of the club so that we will learn more about you and your business.

Guest status

You visit our event to get acquainted with our members and see what value the club gives.

Candidate status

You are accepted to the club for 3 months! During this time we maximally involve you in the life of the club, we introduce our formats and members. In order for you to go to the next stage, the majority in the club council should vote for you.

Member status

Congratulations! Now you are one of the creators of the club, which can influence its development and set trends within the club.

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